Why Hippocamp?

You started your allied health practice in search of freedom.  But running a practice is all encompassing. It’s a living, breathing entity that’s a 24/7 grind. Cash flow, accounting, profit and loss, human resources, workplace liabilities and the most important of all, patient outcomes. It’s your all day, everyday.

You need allied health software that streamlines day-to-day operations and empowers long term business goals. We know this, because we’ve been through it. This allied health software is built by practice owners, health professionals, weekend triathletes, surfers, runners, golfers, friends, mothers, fathers, families, Hippocamp was born out of a necessity to win back life.

Hippocamp is more than just allied health management or a set of online tools. Hippocamp is a community that’s dedicated to helping each and every practice innovate, flourish and improve patient outcomes. 

Find your freedom with Hippocamp. The future of allied health software.



Hippocamp streamlines clinic management from bookings to tailored reminders and marketing options. Being cloud based it has allowed me to manage my own private clinic with ease allowing me to focus on patients and even better my family after clinic hours when often a lot of paper work use to be done.
Hamish Vickerman - Physiotherapist

For Managers…

Track performance, growth, revenue and more…

Hippos are pod animals, allied health practice management requires all staff to collaborate efficiently and in line with business objectives. Hippocamp enables this through smart reporting on appointments, billings and more:

  • Track practitioner performance through cases and appointment/billing reports.
  • Create individual and group tasks
  • Create inhouse group appointments for meetings and training sessions
  • Customise specific roles and access levels for staff
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For Practitioners…

The most powerful appointment calendar, plus more…

We strive to improve patient outcomes worldwide by creating efficiency and accountability using smart cloud based tools such as:

  • Task Function: Users can create reminder lists and tasks for themselves or others at the click of a button
  • Notes: Create templates for faster note taking and more face-to-face with your patients.
  • Case Function: Compare and analyse your treatments, track your open patients to improve retention
  • Experience Report: Great for personal development to identify strength and weaknesses
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For Patients…

Appointment reminders, treatment notes, cases and more…

Our security measures and data storage is top priority. Everything is backed up automatically and stored securely with Amazon Web Services.

  • Send multiple SMS/Email notifications before or after appointments
  • Track patient performance through our unique case function
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