Hippocamp is closing down

After 4+ years of trying to turn Hippocamp into a profitable business, we’re now forced to close down. Over the past 6 months, we have been looking for an investor or buyer to take over the software, but all potential deals have fallen through (due to COVID-19). We are now forced to set an end-of-life […]

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mHealth: the practical rise of mobile phone use

Walking the streets of Singapore on a Friday afternoon I can’t help but wonder what the droves of busy commuters are looking at with their heads stapled to their phones. A flurry of smartly dressed business execs hurry across the street near the Raffles place MRT and “Whack” one zombie’d smart phone victim walks directly […]

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Price elasticity testing

What is it? Why would you do it? When should you do? Sometimes in an allied health practice we find it hard to set fees for our services. We have numerous considerations when adjusting a fee for service and often we need to navigate the treacherous waters that embody something so delicate in our patient’s […]