Smart schedules, powerful calendar

Allied Health Software built from the ground up, our calendar and scheduling module is ready to handle the complexities of running multiple practitioners across multiple clinics.

  • Online Bookings – Patients can book themselves in from your website.
  • Set start and end date for practitioner schedules.
  • Clinic view and practitioner view for all calendars.
  • Drag and drop appointments to change time/practitioner/clinic.
  • Book in-house appointments for staff meetings and training sessions.
  • Create group appointments, perfect for family consults or seminars.
  • Default appointment types for practitioners.
  • Current time indicator.
  • Quicklinks from appointment blocks to create notes and see patient dashboard.
  • Add patients the waitlist to keep appointments full.
  • Create repeating appointments.
  • Create new patients, or search existing patients when creating an appointment.
  • Automatic rebook list for appointments affected by schedule change etc.
  • Configure access levels for different user roles.


Everything in the one place

Hippocamp Dashboard

Dashboards for clinics, practitioners, patients and you!

  • Customisable widgets let you see everything at glance.
  • Quicklinks for creating appointments, notes, tasks and more.
  • Check my reminders and tasks which have been allocated to me.
  • Send emails and SMS instantly to patients.
  • Quickly search a patients’ notes.
  • Personal sidebar dashboard that’s available on pages.


Keep your clinic purring

Keep track of reminders and jobs that you or your staff need to do with this custom built allied health software. No more post it notes or digging through emails to search for thread.

  • Your treating practitioner and need to remind yourself to send email.
  • Your staff have some spare time in the clinic today, schedule a task for some specific training.
  • You don’t have time to bill all your patients, add a task for reception.
  • Create recurring tasks and group tasks that can be actioned by anyone.
  • Set due dates to maintain accountability.
  • Tag tasks for easier filtering.
  • When cancelling appointment, Hippocamp prompts you create recall task.


Engage with patients and staff

Reminders, referrals, letters, SMS and email, all from the one allied health management system.

  • Send multiple SMS/email reminders using different triggers to send before and after appointments.
  • Instantly send an SMS to a patient from their dashboard.
  • Email of fax letters and treatment notes to external contacts.
  • See a history log of all patient communication.
  • Coming Soon: Instant chat between staff.

Notes and Cases

Built with patient outcomes as a priorty

A revolution in digital allied health is coming, you need the best tools to make the most of every appointment.

  • Default treatment note templates for practitioners.
  • Customisable treatment note templates to decrease screen time during appointments.
  • Create cases for a patient to track their progress, assess treatment methods and categorise notes.
  • Assign cases to other practitioner for better collaboration.


Invoices and Payments built specifically for healthcare

Allied health software with a flexible invoicing platform that can handle multiple services, products and payment methods.

  • Fast invoice to payment workflow.
  • One invoice across both products and services.
  • Multiple invoices included in the one payment.
  • Assign invoices to patient, clinic and practitioner for better reporting.
  • Multiple line items per invoice.
  • Integrated with Xero Accounting Software


Critical data for business performance

It’s the grass roots of your businesses success. You need to see the data to make better business decisions.

  • Appointment Report: See a breakdown of the appointments booked across your whole business. Filter by practitioner, clinic, type and date range to understand who is performing and who is not.
  • Outstanding Invoices: A quick report that streamlines the accounts ageing process. Filter by date range to start chasing payments that are overdue. You can also export to CSV.
  • Billing: A detailed breakdown of all invoices. Filter by date, practitioners, clinics, payment status, patients, products, services and item codes. You can also export to CSV.
  • Payments: See all payments and filter by date, practitioners, clinics, patients, products, services, appointment types and payment methods. You can also export to CSV.
  • Banking: A detailed report that shows a breakdown of payment types and amounts for a given date range, practitioners or clinics.


It's our highest prioirty

A built in ticketing system, as well as email and phone support and the Hippocampus… we’re ready to help.

  • View the Hippocampus, a detailed knowledgeable filled with guides and video overview to get you up and running quickly.
  • Submit a support ticket from within the system and keep track of the conversation easily. It’s always there for future reference as well.
  • You can also send an email to to raise a ticket.

Cloud Based

Security, storage, backups... all taken care of

Gone are the days of expensive hardware and maintenance costs, our allied health software manages it all and lets you get back to running your business and treating patients.

  • Reduced IT hardware and staffing costs – you don’t need a server onsite.
  • Unlimited scalability – as your business grows, just increase your subscription without the need to purchase more hardware.
  • You can work from anywhere and it’s always available.
  • No need to apply software updates.
  • Your data is stored securely with Amazon Web Services.