Hippocamp is closing down

After 4+ years of trying to turn Hippocamp into a profitable business, we’re now forced to close down. Over the past 6 months, we have been looking for an investor or buyer to take over the software, but all potential deals have fallen through (due to COVID-19).

We are now forced to set an end-of-life date for the platform.

Firstly, we want to thank you for giving us a chance. Some of you have been with Hippocamp from the very beginning, and have helped us shape a great practice management solution. We know this announcement will disrupt your business, and we apologise for the inconvenience. We’ll try to help you get through it as much as we can.

We’ve poured our own time and money into building it from the ground up so the decision doesn’t come lightly.

Here are some Q&A’s that may help you with this transition:

When will I lose access to Hippocamp?
Hippocamp will no longer be accessible as of 31 May 2020.

Can you recommend a different platform?
We don’t have any affiliation with other platforms. If you do a Google search for Practice Management System there are numerous options available.

How do I export patient data?
Patient personal data can be exported to CSV. This guide shows you how http://help.hippocamp.org/resource/import-patients-mailchimp/

How do I export patient notes, attachments, letters etc?
Currently, there is no bulk export for these items. You will need to view each patients’ file and export the notes, letters, attachments and any other data you need that is not included in the personal details export.

We would also suggest speaking to your new software provider as they might offer to migrate your data.

How do I export appointments?
There is no export function for Appointments. You will need to manually move them into the next system you choose.

What happens after 31 May 2020?
Hippocamp will be shut down and no longer accessible. If data needs to be retrieved after this date, we can do so for a fee.

The technology will be available to purchase if there are any large clinic businesses that would like their own custom PMS. If you or someone in your network have any interest in purchasing Hippocamp outright, please email support@hippocamp.org

We know this will be a disruption for you and will attempt to assist in any way possible.


Kind regards,

Team Hippocamp


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