Hippocamp's Online Booking Feature is perfect for .

Hippocamp's online bookings allows your Practice to accept bookings around the clock, even outside business hours. With live availability, it’s a really powerful feature that will reduce the pressure of receptionists answering calls.

Hippocamp provides each account with a dedicated bookings webpage that you can link to from your website and emails. There is also an easy to use embed code that can be copied to your website.

It takes less than a minute to setup, and is flexible enough to limit the booking form to specific clinics, appointment types and practitioners.

Hippocamp Online Bookings for are smart too. If the patient data matches an existing patient, the appointment is created under their existing file. If it is a new patient, Hippocamp creates a new patient file.

Our online bookings work great on desktop and tablet and even better on Mobile. With a clean, easy to use, mobile friendly interface, it takes less than a minute to book in. With Hippocamp, your clinic will be taking bookings 24/7

See the guide for more information.

The easiest way to explain our Online Bookings function is to let you have a go.

Fill in the form below to see things in action. You’ll receive a confirmation text and email as well, which is all part of Hippocamp Reminders.