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come one, come all, and change at any time
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practitioners you have
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We don't force you into paying for more practitioners than you need. You set a maximum, and you can adjust at any time.
$12 per month
This is your subscription cost based on the number of practitioners you have. Non-practitioners are free!
SMS is 10c per send.
Fax is 15c per page.

Only pay for what you need

At Hippocamp, we don’t have set plans for our allied health software that force you into paying for more than you need. Our flexible ‘per-practitioner’ subscription model allows you to increase, or decrease your practitioner subscriptions at any time. Best of all, non-practitioners are free!

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Need to know more?

See our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our help desk now.

Will I be charged anything during the 30 day free trial?
No. We don’t ask for a credit card during the free trial period and there are no upfront costs with our allied health software. If you do supply payment details before the end of the free trial we will give you 100 free SMS credits.

Do I need to choose a ‘plan’?
No. We don’t do tiered plans. You choose a maximum number of practitioners and you can increase or decrease at any time.

What happens at the end of the free trial?
During your trial you’ll be reminded periodically when the free trial period is ending. Once it ends, you will be requested to enter your credit card details when you log in next.

You can also enter credit card details at any stage during the trial period which will save any delays in using Hippocamp at the end of your trial.

Are there any hidden fees?
The only fees you will be charged are:

  • Monthly subscription – $12 per practitioner per month
  • SMS and Fax credits – 1c per credit (optional)
    • 10 Credits per SMS (160 characters)
    • 15 Credits per page when sending a Fax.

As Hippocamp is Australian built allied health software, all pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST.

Are non-practitioners free?
Yes! Users that are not practitioners are absolutely free.

What are the technical requirements?
Hippocamp is 100% web-based, so there is no need for you to maintain any costly hardware. You will need an internet connection for each of your computers (Mac or PC) or devices. Hippocamp works from any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) so there is no additional setup or installation needed.

How safe is my data and my patient’s data?
The hippo is a fiercely protective creature and we use the latest cloud based technology to protect your data. Your data is stored in Australia securely with Amazon Web Services.

How do I change from another system?
Changing to Hippocamp is easy and we can help you import your data. For hands-on assistance or guidance get in touch.

How do I use Hippocamp?
Excellent question. We have a dedicated campus for learning; this is our speciality. Please visit the Hippocampus here.

Do I need multiple accounts if I have more than one location?
No. You can create as many clinics as you need under the one account.